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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Wait, what? It is exactly two (2) months until a special holiday that some of us observe every year. Yes, I am speaking of International Strange Music Day, celebrated the world over on August 24th. No kidding! ISMD is the creation of our friend Patrick Grant, who organizes it every year, and has since 1997. Every year I say "Yeah, I should really contribute something to ISMD this year", but I have never had my shit together. But it is 2021, and this year the fine citizens of Project Next will be undertaking a hopefully collaborative effort to do something amazing to celebrate the strange.

In short...

  1. This will be a remote only collaboration, using file sharing via my Dropbox account to compose music together.

  2. Participants must have recording equipment (typically recording software such as ProTools or Ableton Live) or otherwise be able to record and upload WAV files to be incorporated into one or more pieces.

  3. We will use the concept of "threads", where each thread will be a piece in progress.

  4. A single person will be responsible for producing, mixing, and uploading any thread(s) they have started, unless another person volunteers to manage the thread.

  5. These pieces will be "produced", and all contributions will be edited, copy/pasted, and looped as needed to fit the overall concept of the piece.

  6. When making a contribution, it is fine to "over-play", that is, to provide more material than is needed, since it is most likely that short(er) clips of your work will be used, and not the whole track, unless you are some kind of music god, which is possible, right?

  7. I have created the first thread, entitled "After Hours". It is currently a drum program and edited bass track. If you can contribute something to this, awesome! If not, maybe consider beginning your own thread. Also, this is a stretch for many of us, so hanging back and seeing where this goes is also an OK option.

I will post a link to the Dropbox location in the Members Info page (you will need to create an account and login), or just email me (doskardmay at gmail) and I will send you the link. ..I have not yet posted it, so actually email is the best option near term.

Please LMK if you plan to contribute no later than Saturday, 6/26. I will be out of town and mostly offline all of next week, but hope to have some composing time. I will likely not have internet access (gasp!). I look forward to hearing from you.

Ready.. steady.. go!


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