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Aaaaand we're back!

Hello netizens of Netland. It is November already, and things are creeping forward. The biggest news is that we are working with our new media developer Juwan to complete the multimedia release of Firstly along with a couple of updated mixes. The multimedia album is going to be groundbreaking, and guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. Well, minutes at least! Deep Media Liner Notes. Coming soon.. As for our music projects, I have been gradually addressing the tasks ahead, a remix of After Hours (which, tell no one please, never got the attention required for a decent mix) and also mixing new songs from Band of Chaperones. Happy almost Thanksgiving to all of you. Thankful to be here.


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The Band of Chaperones has launched their premiere single on Bandcamp. I have been fine tuning this track for several weeks. The piece is entitled "Bruddah, Sistah, Biscuit, and Joe", written by Lis

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