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Back in the Saddle

It seems like vacation was a long time ago already, though this is the first week we have been back. As for this project, there have been a few baby steps forward. Lisa has encouraged us to write lyrics, so we have begun this new practice, and hopefully we can get something going in that department. David Byrne used to say that lyrics are a trick to get people to listen to music longer. He also said that in the future, women will have breasts all over. So there is always something to look forward to!

I traded emails with a local independent retailer on what orchestras do for monitors, and I will soon schedule a chat with another friend with hopefully informed opinions. I am considering repurposing some old stereo speakers to generate our "house mix", though I don't know if that will be practical yet.

Spent some time over the break working on a new Ableton sequence, and the cool thing is that I have a foot switch to advance between "scenes" so that I can accompany myself. I am attempting a first composition using it.

Lastly, look at those Covid numbers! We will not be meeting in person for some time, but will have another Zoom meeting soon. Stay tuned for that. Anybody got a spare vaccine?


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