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Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

The thing that is this project continues to evolve. I had a very informative chat with Patrick Grant this week, and I was able to get a better sense of where this could be going in 2021. First of all, Patrick is giving an online seminar in February on the physics of music, recording, acoustics, and we will be digging into Ableton Live, which is also the platform I have here. There are 3 90-minute sessions, and notably, it's FREE! I plan on taking the Thursday evening classes. Click here for more info:

For those who don't know PG, which is most of us, he is a NYC-based musician, composer, and creator of Tilted Axes--Music for Mobile Electric Guitars. Check him out at:

A few things I would like to make a focus for this year include:

  1. Developing an outdoor musical rehearsal and performance space. The reality of the situation is that we will be physically distant for most of this year if not longer. However, there are outdoor performance and rehearsal spaces that we can use to do what we do in person, but in a parking lot, or a field, an outdoor restaurant, and eventually, indoors, post-vax times. This presents an entirely different situation than an indoor performance environment, so we will target an outdoor sound design. PG suggested a 4-point sound system, along with separately mixed monitors for each section.

  2. Tech. As you can imagine, this is a complicated undertaking to pull off properly, especially because we have vastly different sound sources. We will need help in the audio area, and I am very inexperienced, so.. if you know any locals with geek cred, please let me know. Somebody will have to run the board, and we do not yet have that someone. The sound manager is a key person in the group.

  3. Timing: hoping for February to place an order for an initial monitor system, and of course the shit ton of cables. We have a 32-channel board, and some odds and ends.

  4. The name thing. Patrick didn't take long to dissuade me from using the name Neither Norchestra. As you may know, the name derives from the band name Either Orchestra, which is cool, but we don't know them and haven't met. So, we will come up with our own name, and let some things percolate a while. In fact, it is much more fun to come up with the names you know we won't use. Have you heard about the new prison band for the DC insurrectionists? The Pillage People.

I did promise a walk-through of Theme in my last post, and I have not moved on that. Would anyone be able to make a Thursday evening zoom?

Be well.


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