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Characters of Stranger Than Fiction

Hi all,

I have had some good conversations in the past couple of days. Notably with Patrick, he gently pointed out some obvious flaws in what are really rough mixes. So yes, we will have another round of mixing before the multimedia release due in the fall. But the main topic of this post is the cast of characters contributing to Stranger Than Fiction for this release. I am going to do this off the top of my head, so I am going to correct things later. I will post this on the album tomorrow:


David Oskardmay--Executive Producer, electro-acoustic guitar, e-bow, bass, samples

Lisa Oskardmay--Keyboards, field recordings

Bruce Stevens--Producer, electric guitar, effects, bass, vocal samples

Henry Lowman--Producer, horn, electro-acoustic guitar

Clare Strayhorn--Violin

Anthony Freemont--Electric guitar

John Ferrari--Drums

We will have much more detail with the complete multimedia release.


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