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Completing - Rocktober 11, 2022, more recap from August

It feels like time to move into the next phase, as the memories of the past get a little fuzzier.

But first, some final thoughts about the Guitar Circle course in August. I have not yet mentioned Mariola and Ray. These two seemed to be the glue that held things together, and specifically they stepped up to manage the logistics of the Thursday evening performance. There was a blocking/programming meeting with representatives of all of the 16 groups, and I was careful to stay far away from this, but the rumor was that it was like herding 100 cats with guitars. Somehow we managed to pull off something amazing.

Another recurring theme is the importance of the audience in support of music. A few people in particular have been especially supportive, and I won’t mention names because I would leave someone out, but for me it means a lot to know that our work has reached people. More things will be released in the coming year, but be sure to check the Bandcamp site. (see below..)

One regret about the courses is that I don’t have enough opportunity to interact with everyone. I have learned that I hate milling around in large crowds. On the other hand, it was terrific spending after-course lunchtime with a small crew of diehards, including (name test here..): Bob, Tom, Ferni, Luciano, and Catherine. After a week of vegetarian dining, which for the record I could do pretty much always if I had a chef like that, our after course lunch included some excellent sushi and assorted Asian dishes. Bob knows his restaurants in Glen Cove and literally grew up in the area.

The aim of this portion of the blog has been to maintain the musical current and recount for others and myself, the experience of attending Robert Fripp’s Guitar Circle in Glen Cove, NY, 2022.

It is “Roctober” now, and we are busy. I have been remixing Frogs of Cypress Point and it is nearly ready to send to my bass playing friend for some mad bass. You can hear the album we initially launched in 2021 on Bandcamp at Depending on how things move forward, we will be ready for final (finally final!) mastering around early next year. The great thing about Bandcamp is that we can revise a release at any time, so that is what we are doing to get to our final release of the “Firstly” album by Stranger Than Fiction. The other thing on tap for 2023 is the release of the accompanying phone app for liner notes. You can see a snapshot of the DMLN app in a previous post. And oh yeah, guitar practice is still a thing. I am still working with Tony G. and we have plans to refine the Bach arrangement for NST. Too many fires, but everything creeps along.

Happy Halloween, almost.


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