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Creeping Forward

Another week of ... stuff. Keeping up with guitar and spending a little time on Ableton this evening. First, the creepy Halloween ambient instruments, and of course you need a beat. There will be some things coming, but the production work is usually lower priority than guitar, so.. it's slow, but moving in the right direction.

Also, I may have mentioned that I am attending Robert Fripp's Guitar Circle, a continuation of the work of a group of dedicated musicians since the late 80's. We were supposed to be actually meeting right now, but everything is postponed now until next year. This means we have been having Zoom meetings and extending out the course for an extra year basically. It is a great and unexpected development, but also for me a bit much at times. I am not the biggest Zoom fan, one reason I have not arranged one for this group. But that will be in 2 or 3 weeks! Until then, vote and tell everyone you can to do the same.




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