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Except for this Thursday? But instead.. this:

So I hope not many of you popped into the meeting this week, because I spaced on it. I did, however, upload a new score for our string players. It is in the Music tab, which is password protected--you will need to login, remember your password, and all that stuff. For those who are not violin/violists, you may still find it interesting, as you may have the chance to improv over it. If you don't feel like making an account or forgot your password, just email me and I'll send you the link.

This new piece is called The Sending, and it is maybe the simplest I have written, very chill. It also makes me realize that I have neglected the noisier segments of our program. We can look at the energy balance of this one and imagine it to have a yin quality, as peaceful as it will get. But with the yin you also have its opposite, the yang. In this case, well, you're going to have some noise. Coming soon.. ish.


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