Getting Closer

Hi all,

So far we have made a decent amount of progress creating audio clips, thanks to Bruce for his contributions, and Lisa, whose forthcoming found sound nature clips are indescribably mysterious. Basically loud frogs doing the frog thang. I have recorded and uploaded 5 tracks for Bruce's "Sinister Burger", and there are the original tracks for "After Hours".

If you plan to make a musical contribution, and I hope you will consider it, please get something uploaded in the next two weeks so that we can cut-paste-warp-cajole our clips into a .. thing or two. We will plan to most likely upload to Bandcamp and see what happens from there. For my tracks, I have attempted to play through a few times, several takes, and just upload the best overall. I have not done any editing on the tracks I recorded for Sinister Burger. In other words, don't worry too much about getting perfection. The producer(s) will find the diamonds. Let me tell you one thing--warping audio tracks is the bomb.




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