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International Strange Music Day is Tomorrow, August 24th!

I find this to be the most surreal experience. The first release from Project Next is the premier album by the band Stranger Than Fiction. The "Firstly" album will hit the interwebs tomorrow, with an announcement coming at some point during the day.

Unfortunately, we had expected Patrick to be able to contribute to this album, but he didn't have the time, since he is the original creator of ISMD and incredibly busy for this event, as you can imagine. However, his friend Anthony Fremont was available and kind enough to contribute electric guitar parts on our hit single, the phenomenal "After Hours". Honestly, it is the best recording I have ever done, a first production effort. Not a bad mix I think. I literally just uploaded it a few minutes ago. You could say this is a best kind of day.

Lastly, we will be distributing the complete media package in October, including liner notes, fun facts, and boring facts also. Maybe opinions. You know the drill.

To my music pals: damn, just amazing.


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