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Introductions This Week!

Hi all. Quick two things.. I have updated the link for downloading music (the first piece, Theme) so that when you click it will automatically download as a zip file. This is/was reportedly giving problems (thanks for pointing that out Steve!), so I changed the link to download as soon as you click. You will have all files for Theme then, probably many you won't need, but this should be a little easier to work with. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is on the Music page under Member Info, which you have to login to see.

Anyway, also this week I will be posting a list of members, so if I don't know every instrument you play or where you live, please send me your brief bio, just your city and list of "stuff" is fine for now. We will most be posting more extensive introductions and having our first meeting in the coming weeks. (email is best: doskardmay at gmail)

Have a nice Monday.


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