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Let's Get This Party Started


We will have a meeting this Thursday beginning at 7:30PM using I will send a link out via email.

I will attempt to record for those who cannot attend. Last time we had some technical challenges, so I didn't even get around to recording. Fresh from the Remote Recording Workshop, I would like to give an overview of that approach to collaboration. Henry was in the other session, so he may have some things to say, right?

Also, it occurred to me that it might be helpful to reorganize my home studio via "live-vlog". At the end of our discussion I will most likely show you my current gear and the ergonomic nightmare in my funky office. The goal is to have a working setup for recording and live internet performance that is more robust. Basically, I will be configuring my small studio mixer and throwing the giant 32-channel mixer in the closet, for now. There will be wires.

Discussion agenda:

  1. Overview of possible activities

  2. Studio-based (non-real-time) collaboration, e.g. Ableton, Audacity, etc.

  3. Live event-based (real-time) collaboration, e.g. Jamulus.

  4. Audio engineering challenges for live, in-person rehearsal/performance

  5. Scoring

  6. Outdoor venues: sectionals in the yard, larger spaces

  7. Tutorials, audio installation designs

  8. Guest speakers

2. Discuss and possibly vote on future focus

3. Review RRW info

4. Open discussion: what ya workin' on?

5. Studio config live!

Chat soon. Stay well.


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