Let the Games Begin!

OK team, it is time to select a name. This will be a working title of our group for the pieces we are collaborating on now for International Strange Music Day (8/24) and beyond. It is true that ISMD is a studio effort, but it gives us a foothold for what we could conceivably do in a live format, which is coming soon.

So.. to begin, please submit candidate names for the band. Anyone can submit names for this part, but we need to think about it. What name would you like to answer to?

The best way to submit is to email me directly, and you all have my email address now, right? This being a quasi-public blog, I like to avoid dropping my email address here to reduce spam.

I replaced the percussion on After Hours with some beat samples in Ableton, and it is much improved. I also recorded some guitar tracks last night, but I still need to edit and think on that. Final reminder: please consider contributing to this effort. All WAVs are available in the IncomingFiles folder (email me for the link). If you have questions or need recording assistance, contact me soon.




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