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Live From Majestic Feline Studios...

OK, well, maybe it's just the home studio, but our resident feline struck a majestic pose this evening, so we'll go with it.

Notes this evening:

- Welcome Patrick Grant to our collaboration! He is the creator of International Strange Music Day, so we are really excited to see how this unfolds. I am hoping he may upload some "stems" to begin a new development thread.

- Sinister Burger is, I believe, complete! Bruce Stevens gets the award for having the first piece ready to go, and I must say, it will be difficult to top this piece for outright strangeness. I am totally digging this. If you are one of the active collaborators, you can find the proposed final mix in the Sinister Burger folder of Incoming Files. If you are one of our other friends, welcome, and prepare yourselves for the release in late August.

- IMPORTANT: I discovered via Patrick, that replying to my blog post notifications may be getting spam filtered out of my Hotmail account. Or something. Keep in mind that if I do not reply to an email within a day that it may have gotten lost. My preferred email is doskardmay at gmail.

- I recorded a few vocal tracks for After Hours. Yep. I have not found a decent vocal for this yet. Can I carry a tune at all? I am spoiled by listening to Lisa--the magic formula is really our harmonies, with her on lead vocal if we can make that happen. So I have something resembling lyrics. I will likely have an instrumental and vocal version of this one, because this is the most experimental bit.

- But the real fun this evening was Frogs of Cypress Point, which I will attempt to have uploaded by tomorrow. You will dance.

- New Mac on order. This old PC is ready to become a backup system. The fan is ridiculously loud on it, and you know, it's a PC.

- New band name for the David and Lisa duo: The Chaperones. We'll see if it sticks. Begin thinking of band names for the ISMD collaboration. We will throw our ideas into a virtual hat and begin a few rounds of vetting. If you would like to submit names to me now that is fine, but mainly think about it. We will have an official call for names at the end of the month.

Time to get with the clicky..




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