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We had a Zoom call this past week, and I have been so busy that I did not have a chance to follow up here. A few of us met and, well, it was a technical challenge (by which I mean mostly a failure), with problems getting MuseScore to play through the Zoom call. I have been having some success with integrating Ableton into Zoom, so I figured it should work, right? Bzzt. Not so fast. I appreciate the patience of Tom Ed, Henry, and Lisa, but I was unable to get the sound going as I had hoped. The plan for the coming week is to meet with Tom Ed and see what we can get working. We are going to check out Jamulus, and also other things, such as the open source video call platform JTSI. And hopefully also MuseScore, Once we get something moving in a forward direction we will meet again.

Lots more going on in music. I have been participating in a remote workshop with about 75 of my guitar extended family, and today I performed a new 1 minute piece using Ableton Live + live guitar and vocals for the first time on a Zoom call, and far beyond what I have done with Ableton up until now. Maybe I will record a version to share with you all. It was an exercise in how much I can get done in 2 weeks without knowing at all how to "do the thing". It was successful--at least some people appeared entertained for nearly an entire minute.

Lastly, coming up in a couple of weeks I will be doing the Remote Recording Workshop taught by our friend Patrick Grant. This means I will have 3 Thursdays of physics of sound, and more Zooming and you know, all the jams, but not so much with you. I promise to bring back some mad knowledge and keep you up-to-date on what we have been brewing. Stay tuned.. and thanks for keeping on.


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