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Not So Fast

I am experiencing arthritic pain and swelling of the left hand. Ring finger especially. This has caused me to stop practicing normally for several days, though I did record some tracks this evening, breaking a series of non-left-hand practice days. I moved into a few days of right-hand focused guitar practice after skipping a few days entirely (which freaks me out tbh), cross picking, and basic speed drills, although in my case these are “speed” drills. This is what RF would call taking advantage of a seeming disadvantage. The greater the apparent disadvantage, i.e. not being able to use my left hand, the greater the potential advantage. In my case, it is a great exercise to focus on the right hand, so as long as there is eventual healing, I am OK with focusing on other areas, for now. The fact is that I am in some pain while playing–not where I need to be. But enough of my whining.

Press Record! There is a new track nearly tracked and on its way into production. The Band of Chaperones (Lisa and David Oskardmay) has been working on their debut single! The studio elves are hard at work. I need to refine the guitar solo. Don’t we all?

I have been revisiting the Stranger Than Fiction Album. There are currently two mixes of “After Hours” on Bandcamp, and the old one, the “Virgin Mix”, is ready to go away, as the new mix is definitely a big improvement. If you want to compare the two mixes, hurry now before I delete the first mix.

Hey, thanks for stopping by. It makes it worth writing.


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The Band of Chaperones has launched their premiere single on Bandcamp. I have been fine tuning this track for several weeks. The piece is entitled "Bruddah, Sistah, Biscuit, and Joe", written by Lis

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