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Notes of Note

Hi all,

Next on the horizon, we will be having a walk-through of Theme using MuseScore to "karaoke our way to success" with this piece. We will have a live Zoom session (probably early January) where we play along with the piece at slow tempo and then attempt maybe a little faster. The idea is to get used to using the composition and rehearsal tools. As I noted before, things get much more hectic around the holidays, even in Covid times, so I have not had as much time for our collaborative work here.

But even before that I will post an audio file of the second piece, Sending, which is really a first piece in a potential performance. All this is coming soon, which is to say I have been moving forward in other directions lately, and well... you know.

With guitar practice, I seem to have hit on a classical vibe, thanks to my teacher Tony. My rendition of Bach's Prelude in G for cello is getting a lot of practice, and I am gradually refining this for performance. So the first 20 minutes of our set looks like:

  1. Walk-on to Bach Prelude

  2. Sending

  3. Theme

  4. Future Is Now

Hmm. This is a pretty eclectic initial set, after which we will arrive at the difficult listening section (h/t to Laurie Anderson). So we will have:

5. Into the Deep or other such nonsense where we will introduce the quirky noise machinery we have gathered together. Between the 10 or so of us there is a near infinite palette of sound, and the challenge is to build something coherent that captures the feeling of the moment at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

That's all for this week. Keep on.


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