Ready, begin!

I had begun a draft a few days ago, and poof, lost it in the ether. So here is a quick roundup of what/when/where..

The string quartet met for the first time last Sunday. It was great to finally play some of these things I have had percolating for years now. We rehearsed the 3 instrumental pieces and Lisa's "Cat" song, and I would have liked to hear the results, but ... bzzt. Tech issues with the recording, so.. I was unable to get a decent recording. Next time I will get my shit together. It was a huge effort to get the 3rd piece out, and I ran out of time to do the very necessary soundcheck. Because also, we had a nice cookout and I had to prep for that. Who can sound check when there are onions to be chopped?

Thanks again to Clare, Tom Ed, and of course, Lisa to begin this journey. Tom Ed will be traveling quite a lot in coming months, so this will change our course a little.

Next: need to work out details of the 3rd piece (The Future is Now). I need to learn my own piece again. More next week...

Also had a nice chat with my friend Patrick Grant yesterday. He continues to be an amazing resource of musical info. I will potentially be heading to NYC this December to play with his group Tilted Axes - Music for Mobile Electric Guitars, moving carefully through the streets and risking the attitudes of the surly masses. We won't be playing "Jingle Bells".


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