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Rock in Hard Places


Just walking through town with my guitar, beat up case with a couple of chunks taken out of it, even this is a miracle. People are craving the music anywhere they can get it, and especially, it seems, the personal connection. Maybe corporate music has left people yearning for something more.

I walk from the LIRR train station in Sayosset, going to make the trek and see the town (stupid idea it turns out). On my way, I run into Cool Dude. Mirror shades, mask, and hat, outdoors. Maybe just a little sketchy. He smiles behind his mask, reaches out to me for the elbow bump, OK sure. He wails.. “WEEEE WILLL WEEE WILL mothafuckin ROCK YOU!!” He tells me about an open mic he went to recently. We are on our way after a short chat. “I love you!” he says. “I love you too man.” Yeah, sketch. Even just carrying a guitar I am a rock god. - East Norwich, NY 8/21/22

I am beginning my journey from East Village to the airport. Hyatt was awesome and held my bags while I wandered the streets a while. Repacking. A random guy approaches me in the lobby, his right arm in a cast. “Hey man, you a musician?” He is a producer and guitarist, seems maybe not really into my odd stuff, but you never really know. Stranger meetings have happened, so I give him a biz card. Not even a musical note has passed, but we have a bond of music somehow. It would not surprise me if we did a collaboration.

Speaking of which, I will be getting some recording done soon. The next project will begin spring 2023, with some recordings done here in studio before then. But now... DMLN is coming soon. SPECIAL! For anyone who purchases the Stranger Than Fiction album on Bandcamp, we will send a free advance copy of Deep Media Liner Notes for the “Firstly” album, a revolutionary new phone app. Also, we are looking for app testers. If you can be of assistance with testing, please reach out to me, thanks! Doskardmay at gmail is the best address.


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