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Hi all! I have been meaning to post weekly on Thursdays about what is going on with Project Next, but I have not posted in a couple of weeks. Things are moving along, as they do, but my recent focus has been mainly guitar practice and not so much the rest of things. Specifically, I have mostly neglected my new instrument. What is it with musicians naming their instruments? I have never done that. So here we go.. I'll give it a try: behold Cthuletta! Possessor of minds! Fear ye mortals! (How am I doin'?)

Seems pretty cool, but I have only powered it up a couple of times and reviewed a couple of Ableton tutorials. Anyone an Ableton fan out there? Actually, is anyone at all reading these? Oh, and also, Henry, I still need your complete/correct instrument list if you don't mind emailing or posting in comments here.

Anyway, as far as the project goes, the next thing is our initial meeting, and I am going to boldly postpone that until after the election, because time is short and I may find myself calling more voters soon and not creating new music. BUT, I'm practicing, and also attending an online course with RF and crew, so that is a thing. What's new with you? Are you receiving?

I will eventually be doing some FB Live events to challenge myself in front of the "public", because I have noticed a large gap between practice level and performance level. So.. performance!

Be well and stay safe. Watch here for news weekly. Thanks, d


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