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The Name of This Band Is...

Neither Norchestra is the first performance ensemble from Project Next, an expansive project that includes a string section, percussion, guitars, other instruments and gadgets, and a top secret collection of vocalists. Really, top secret!

By now most of the team have checked in, so we will get things moving. During September I look forward to trying to figure out what the general outline is for the end of 2020 and putting together a spec for our outdoor rehearsal pods. Basically, you need a lot of cables.

I have opted to go with a very minimal website because I really don't have time to get into the finer points of web design. (If any of you reading this would like to try your hand at web mastering using Wix, this could be your chance.) So.. it would be a good thing to have a meeting in the not distant future. The general plan is to get everyone up and operational with the free scoring tool we will begin using, and work through a few pieces as a group. At some point we will make introductions, maybe I will put that together for a post next week.

Why the name? Well, it's sort of an orchestra, but not exactly. Also, there is a band, our cousins in name only, Either Orchestra, which inspired the name Neither Norchestra, so maybe we will play the same venue one day. It would be a thing. We will attempt to function as an orchestra, where sections work on their own at times to find a unified sound until we come together as a complete ensemble. We will aim for some level of redundancy, where we could perform in various configurations as people are available.

Why the empty set thing? This is something to keep in mind as an orchestra. It is important to find the "empty" spaces in the music, and often in my writing, I build extended spaces into various parts of a piece, the bridge, the coda, space everywhere! Now, if *everyone* shows up to play it could be 10 people, and it takes some work not to step on each other. Space is the place.

I hope you all are having a decent Thursday evening, or whenever this finds you. Be well and stay safe. Chat soon.



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