There Will Be Wires

Hi all,

Next Thursday, March 25th, we will have our next Jitsi meeting right here on the internets! The standing convention for our meeting room names is: ProjectNext_mtg20210325 for next week's date, and so on for future dates. Can people make it at 9PM? With the lighter and warmer days I want to be able to be outdoors for some daylight. I may bump the time earlier if needed--in any case, I would like to have bi-weekly meetings to get us moving, every other Thursday evening. I will also be removing meeting videos older than 2 weeks old, as the videos get quite large on our Dropbox account.

The link to Jitsi Meet is HERE.

The agenda for the meeting will be to "make a noise", a basic soundcheck for everyone to check in and see if our gear is working and able to route through the Jitsi meeting server. I may or may not have my mixer connected by then, so it could turn into a "hey, watch this!" video of intrigue and/or terror, as I try to configure my studio. If we are ambitious, we could record and trade clips in semi-real time. In the future, we will be doing a live Jamulus session, but first we need to address the basics. Can you here me now?

aaaaaaand, that's all for now.




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