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This is a Recording

Hi all. I have been neglecting the blogosphere lately. Hey, we had our first spam subscription. Milestone I guess? Since our last Zoom call, Tom Ed and I met (last week) and reviewed the Jamulus app that could be a useful real-time collaboration tool. We will investigate this more, but suffice it to say that it is not going to replace in-person work. Jamulus depends on minimizing delay time between participants, and that will be interesting for fun, ambient pieces without a definitive beat. More to come on this.

This evening I began Patrick Grant's Remote Recording Workshop, and it was good to see a lot of familiar faces from our guitar circling days. Not coincidentally, we are going to be working on collaborations, at first creating and exchanging audio clips as WAV files. A lot of what we are learning is the physics of sound. This is the first of 3 weeks of the course, so I won't be very active on this project until next month.

Another new effort that is taking shape is the songwriting wonder that is Lisa Oskardmay. She has gotten on a writing kick and is cranking out the hits. You may be hearing from our dynamic duo configuration in the future.

Have a good week!


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