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The first three pieces proposed for the initial orchestra are:

Theme (To Get Us Through)

This is the most developed of the trio, with 2 violin parts, 2 guitars, and bass. It is also the most difficult to play, though it is likely representative of one way we will work together. I wrote these parts based around my guitar part, and got some good experience scoring with MuseScore.

Sending / Sound Check / The Easiest Song In the World

This is a very simple I-IV-V progression that is a likely first piece. The idea is to establish the sound of the space and air it out. "Tuning the air" is an expression some of our friends in Seattle are fond of. On a practical level, we will be getting a signal check for all instruments during this piece. It is as ambient as it gets. You will want to take a nap.

Name I have forgotten--I need to look at the score again..

This is a platform for improv based around a repeated "head" melody merging into a string-based sound bed for some space improvisation.

I have also been working on our technical plans with Tom Ed. My current thinking is that I want to focus my efforts on getting the equipment together for live performance. Covid vaccines will be widely available within a year, and the configuration we will put together will be amaaaaazing. Just sayin.

Chat soon,



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