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Wife, Songbird

I haven't written too much about the new phenom that has been happening here in Durham. My wife Lisa is becoming a songwriting powerhouse. It's kind of like this:

D: I'm working on a new song.

L: I wrote 7 songs.

It's pretty much like that. So part of my new gig is as a "stunt guitarist" for Lisa's new group, and by "stunt guitarist" I mean I can dress myself, though this is debatable, and sometimes play the correct chords. And taxes! We did our taxes.

Also though, I have been having swelling in my left hand, somewhat guitar related, though you might be surprised at how many things you do that require your hands. This is kind of traumatic, because I am likely going to have to reduce my practice. In the meantime, I am working on anti-inflammatory strategies, and also doing all of the other things that need doing.

Speaking of which, the first hit single, working title: Farmers, is coming into view. I have to track some stuff.. Lastly, Thursday evening Lisa convened a few of us to practice her latest, Pandemic. I took the opportunity to rehearse the violin and guitar parts of The Sending, first time they had played it. So.. progress.

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