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Zooming and Recording

Hi all,

I have been attempting to get Zoom to work flawlessly with my Ableton Live setup, and it is a bit challenging on a PC. You know, all of the music kids have Macs. I am an old geezer Unix guy, so I would actually appreciate a Mac. But for now, has anyone messed with Ableton on a PC? Anyone? Bueller?

But in other news, I have been watching the body count spiking lately, and even with masks, now is not quite the time to begin to gather in person. We have a dear neighbor friend who has weekly jams with her band, and it's just not where we need to go at this time. I have been doing some foundational work, figuring out a little bit of the audio gear we will need to pull this off. To this end, I begin a 3 week course in remote recording, which will jump start our efforts on the tech side. There is frankly a ton of work to be done to figure out where we might stage a distanced gathering on a semi-regular basis, when most of us have been vaccinated. The distanced audio concept is really born of the necessity to socially distance, but it also presents a unique opportunity for an audience to experience a band in a distributed sound environment.

In any case, it's time to meet again, overdue actually. Next Thursday, 1/28, we will have our next Zoom call at 7:30PM . I will send a link out over the weekend. As always, this is not mandatory, but being at the meeting live or viewing the recorded video afterward will help us find our sound when we finally meet. We will review Theme, going through the process of using MuseScore, slowing down the tempo and going through the features that are helpful in learning a piece. I would also like to open the floor to anyone who would like to present an original piece, one per customer please. Let me know if you would like to play. Improv is cool too.

Chat soon.




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